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SHOCKING: Grumpy Cat Brutally Murdered by Angry Cat
Posted by Chops on 9/22/2014
Internet meme sensation Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. "Grumpy Cat", has been found brutally murdered at a local Arizona park. The killer, now in c... read more »
Terrorist Clowns Holding Minnesota Children Hostage
Posted by Chops on 9/22/2014
This chilling photo was recently released by terrorist organization ICIC (International Coalition of Insane Clowns) showing three American children be... read more »
Baby Avalanche Devastates Rural Community
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the prime-time television horror series 19 Kids and Counting, has given birth yet again. An army of infants... read more »
Elves Are Real and They Live Among Us
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
Rejoice Tolkien fans! It has been discovered and confirmed that elves are in fact real and they live among us. This unprecedented photograph was taken... read more »
Couple Harvested, Families Devastated
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
In a tragic farming accident that can only be described as, well, tragic, a couple hiking in an Iowa hay field were harvested by a rogue hay baler.... read more »

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