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Pear Bulb Revolutionizes Clean Energy
Posted by Chops on 11/9/2016
The ongoing hunt for clean renewable energy takes another gigantic step forward with the invention of the Pear Bulb. The company behind the product, W... read more »
Revolutionary New Samsung Mobile Phone Doubles as Ninja Weapon
Posted by Chops on 10/3/2014
Popular mobile phone maker Samsung has taken the phone growth craze to a disturbingly cool level. Their new mobile device, the Samsung Street Ninja, d... read more »
Confirmed: Super Short Click Bait News Articles Infuriate Readers
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
Hmm, guess I better think up some sort of content for this non-article. Um, how about we entertain ourselves by stringing random words together into a... read more »
Marine Private Revolutionizes Sniper Detection
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
As military budgets continue to skyrocket out of control, one savvy Marine has developed an ingenious new sniper detection technology. He calls it ''T... read more »
Cell Phone Use Causing People to Glow John Boehner Orange
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
Cell phone use has been linked to an skin pigmentation disorder that turns the user bright orange. The skin condition is commonly referred to as be... read more »

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