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Standard & Fool's Downgrades United States to D for Anti-Vaccine Movement
Standard & Fool's has downgraded the United States to a D intelligence rating for their citizens' moronic anti-vaccine movement. Standard &... read more »
Ebola Mutates With Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and Herpes, Panic Ensues
Ebola hysteria in the United States has reached a fever pitch with three confirmed cases. Yes, three. Only three. This is an alarming 300% increase fr... read more »
Simians Boast: I'm Sexy and I Know It
In an unprecedented experiment by the world famous San Diego Zoo, captive simians were subjected to constant viewings of pop culture to quote, ''see w... read more »
Study Confirms: Men Will Click on Anything That Contains Boobs
A decade long study at the Ohio Institute of Common Sense has concluded that heterosexual men will click on anything that has boobs in it. The revelat... read more »
Woman Gains X-Ray Vision, Family Cautiously Thrilled
In a miraculous story that sees science fiction become science fact, a lucky Indiana woman has gained the superpower of x-ray vision. Selma Farthin... read more »

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