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Kitty Performance Art in Amsterdam Draws Shock and Awe
A Dutch exhibitionist cat by the name of, well, Dutch, struck an artistic pose for several days outside of a semi-popular cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlan... read more »
10 Reasons Why This Picture Is Freaking Us Out
People like lists. People like to click on lists even if the lists make no sense. Clicking on this list makes us money, so thank you for clicking on t... read more »
Orangina Couple Struggling With Small Town Racism
Contrary to a purveying modern opinion, racism is not over. Not by a long shot. It's no secret that America has a terribly checkered past when it c... read more »
Emo Llamas Destroying Traditional American Values
As we are all well aware, things we don't fully understand continue to destroy our preconceived notion of traditional values. Case in point: we are no... read more »
Disturbing New Trend: the Angry O Face
It seems that some men are dissatisfied with the standard orgasm expression, commonly known as the ''O Face''. In an effort to spice things up in the... read more »

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