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Brad Pitt Joins Fight Against ISIS With F-22 Aldo Raine
Posted by Chops on 11/3/2014
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has a new enemy to fear: Brad motherfuckin' Pitt. Pitt teamed up with the US Air Force to develop a cust... read more »
You Won't Believe What Kim Kardashian Has Just Done
Posted by Chops on 9/29/2014
That's right Kardashian fans, Kim has done something so unbelievably fascinating that you will be beside yourself in giddy disbelief. The hair-rais... read more »
Exposed: the Real Duck Dynasty
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
Alas, the tyrannical reign of Duckavian Romanov Sterling III, a.k.a. Ducky the Demonic, has come to a violent end at the Williams Pond of Ann Arbor, M... read more »
Extensive Study Confirms: Bumper Cars Are Stupid
Posted by Chops on 5/1/2014
A high-profile international collaboration study between prestigious grade schools in America, Finland, Guam, and Scotland have come to an astounding... read more »

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