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Black Friday Time Paradox Swallows Unsuspecting Consumers
The sadly hilarious tradition of Black Friday has finally created its own consumer paradox. Black Friday, America's big post-Thanksgiving shopping... read more »
German Clone Factory Churns Out Funny Women
It is a long held belief that women simply aren't funny. Well, one German company is seeking to change that perception. The long running female hum... read more »
Bill Gates Clone Army Seeks World Domination
Bill Gates is amassing an army of clones hell-bent on world domination. His super secret plan was discovered when an undated photo was uncovered of... read more »
Struggling Families Supported by Family Dogs
Times are tough these days with a struggling economy and high unemployment. As families continue to sink deeper and deeper into their financial depres... read more »
Frog Titanic Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage
In a momentous achievement for frogkind everywhere, the highly anticipated Frog Titanic has set sail. The 7-day voyage will see a group of wealthy... read more »

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