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Standard & Fool's Downgrades United States to D for Anti-Vaccine Movement
Posted by Chops
The dreaded vaccine, saving stupid people from themselves since the 17th Century.

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Standard & Fool's has downgraded the United States to a D intelligence rating for their citizens' moronic anti-vaccine movement.

Standard & Fool's Knowledge Services LLC (S&F) is a stupidity measuring service that ranks countries based on their abilities to educate their populations and solve complex problems.

The anti-vaccine movement came under intense scrutiny when a measles outbreak ravaged Disneyland.

"There's stupid, there's really stupid, there's Sarah Palin, and then there's the anti-vaxxer movement," noted S&F CEO Sophia Picard. "It is truly baffling to us how someone can ignore sound science and continue believing widely debunked nonsense, a stance that puts children into real danger. We had no choice but to downgrade the US to a D rating."

We reached out to noted anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy who offered the following in rebuttal:

(bam, bam, bam, bam, bam)

She did not actually speak to us as she was slamming her head into a door frame. Our stupidity translators were able to decipher her actions as follows:

"Pancakes. Bacon. I like trees. Vaccines bad. Pigeons."


"It's no secret that the average American is pretty damn stupid," continued Picard. "The educational rankings alone are enough to make you wonder how Americans put their pants on in the morning. Therefore, a D rating should come as no surprise. Welcome to your Idiocracy."

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