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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
German Clone Factory Churns Out Funny Women
Posted by Chops
Funny Girls Factory in Berlin, Germany. A corporate solution to a perceived artistic problem.

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It is a long held belief that women simply aren't funny. Well, one German company is seeking to change that perception.

The long running female humor debate reached a fever pitch back in 2007 when the late Christopher Hitchens wrote an article for Vanity Fair entitled "Why Women Aren't Funny". Panties instantly bunched all over the world and a rage fire debate broke out.

It was the official start of the Gender Wars. Countless have died.

The events even spawned a comedic documentary entitled "Women Aren't Funny" by Bonnie McFarlane, aimed at ending the Gender Wars and bringing peace to the sexes.

But alas, all efforts have been futile. Until now.

Berlin-based company Funny Girls has taken it upon themselves to fix the root of the problem. Their clone factory is now outputting genuinely funny women.

"Our formula is quite simple," states Funny Girls CEO Clause Hundhausen. "We take a moderately attractive base clone and subject it to countless hours of George Carlin and Carrot Top. What emerges is a humorously insightful female with an awkward physicality. In short, a funny woman."

"We also have ethnic and language options available for countries who wish to inject humor into their cultures," notes Jurgen Boobenstein, the company's Lead Humorist Designer.

Funny Girls' primary focus is on their local German communities as a public service. However, Funny Girls receives numerous infusion requests from all over the world, which they are happy to assist with. Their biggest markets are currently Russia and Great Britain.

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