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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Orangina Couple Struggling With Small Town Racism
Posted by Chops
Iowa couple Marco and Betty Veggieton, native Oranginas, are victims of near daily racism.

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Contrary to a purveying modern opinion, racism is not over. Not by a long shot.

It's no secret that America has a terribly checkered past when it comes to racism. Americans like to think that the horrors of racism are a thing of the distant past. But, slavery wasn't abolished until 1865 and legal segregation continued all the way up until the 1970s. To say that racism is over willfully ignores current tensions carried over from America's recent atrocities.

Take Iowa couple Marco and Betty Veggieton. They struggle with racism on a near daily basis.

The Veggietons come from a long line of native Americans known as Oranginas due to their affinity for oranges. The fact that their heads resemble giant pumpkins is merely a hilarious coincidence. Many historians believe that Oranginas have called the Americas home since the late 12th century. Tribal remains have been dated back to at least the early 14th century.

''It's truly amazing how ignorant and hateful small town Americans can be,'' said a tearful Betty. ''We've done nothing wrong, we keep to ourselves, and yet it's almost like people seek us out for hateful and hurtful comments.''

''They call us 'seed-brains' and 'lantern-heads' to name a few,'' noted Marco. ''I don't need to remind you what happens to our kind around Halloween. We can't even leave the house out of fear.''

''It is true that we have made progress since the dark days of old,'' Betty continued. ''But, I guarantee you that we will never see an Orangina President. At least not in our lifetimes.''

It's a sad reality that the Orangina tribe accepts. There are certainly optimists among the tribe, but they are a very small minority. While America has certainly made progress in the last several decades, it's abundantly clear that the country still has a very long ways to go.

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